Name of company: Pulukelia Limited.
Company tagline: ‘Pure Quality Service’
Company Address: 38 Waterloo Road, Salisbury. Wiltshire. SP1 2JX

Company Logo

Pulukelia Limited.‘Pure Quality Service’ 38 Waterloo Road, Salisbury. Wiltshire. SP1 2JX logo

About the company
Pulukelia limited is a recruitment company that was registered in 2019 in the United Kingdom. Our registered address is at 38 Waterloo Road, Salisbury. Wiltshire. SP1 2JX, but its operations are mainly done online. This company is owned and operated by Mr. Azalia Prince Kaswabuli who is not only a certified Electrician but also a trained Senior healthcare assistant and support worker who has over thirteen years of experience working in major NHS hospital, mental Health facilities and Care homes across England.

Vision statement
To be the UK’s most people friendly recruitment service provider that embodies equality, inclusion, fairness, and respect; to assist with the promotion of healthy work environments.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of Pulukelia Limited to enhance the recruitment experience for our clients and
candidates by applying a humanistic approach while assisting with meeting the healthcare demands in the United Kingdom.

Core values
Respect, empowerment, equality and quality

Fire Prevention Equipment
Pulukelia Limited is a company that operates in the United Kingdom and supplies fire prevention equipment. The company also installs fire equipment and performs maintenance work to enhance fire safety. Pulukelia Limited offers a range of carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors to meet the fire safety needs of its customers.

Pulukelia Limited’s fire safety equipment is of high quality and is designed to meet the latest safety standards. The company’s installation services ensure that the equipment is correctly installed and set up to provide maximum protection. The maintenance services offered by Pulukelia Limited help to ensure that the equipment continues to function properly and effectively over time.

If you require fire safety equipment, Pulukelia Limited is ready to assist you. You can contact the company via email at to discuss your needs and to receive further information about the fire safety products and services that Pulukelia Limited offers.

Mr. Azalia Prince Kaswabuli

Mr. Azalia Prince Kaswabuli

CEO & Managing Director