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Pulukelia Limited

Pulukelia limited is a recruitment company that was registered in 2019 in the United Kingdom. Our registered address is at 38 Waterloo Road, Salisbury. Wiltshire. SP1 2JX, but its operations are mainly done online. This company is owned and operated by Mr. Azalia Prince Kaswabuli who is not only a certified Electrician but also a trained Senior healthcare assistant and support worker who has over thirteen years of experience working in major NHS hospital, mental Health facilities and Care homes across England.

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The Future of Nursing Recruitment

The nursing profession is evolving rapidly, and nursing recruitment is changing along with it. Healthcare organizations are adapting to new trends and technologies in nursing recruitment, including the use of social media, AI-powered chatbots, and mobile apps. One...

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Nursing Recruitment

Diversity and inclusion are critical components of any successful organization, including healthcare organizations. In nursing recruitment, promoting diversity and inclusion can help healthcare organizations attract and retain qualified nursing talent, ultimately...

The Role of Technology in Nursing Recruitment

Technology is rapidly changing the healthcare industry, and it's also having an impact on nursing recruitment. Healthcare organizations are using technology to streamline the recruitment process, from applicant tracking systems to video interviews. One way that...

Strategies for Recruiting Nurses in the Healthcare Industry

Recruiting nurses is a top priority for healthcare organizations across the country. As the demand for healthcare services continues to increase, the need for qualified nurses is growing as well. To attract and retain nurses, healthcare organizations should implement...

The Importance of Nursing in the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is a complex system that involves a wide range of healthcare professionals, from doctors and surgeons to medical assistants and lab technicians. However, one of the most critical components of the healthcare industry is nursing. Nurses are...

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News doctor test post